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HughesNet/Satellite Issues

HughesNet (also similar issue and fix with WildBlue satellite ISP)

First thing to try is a different browser, such as Firefox, Chrome or Safari.

HughesNet, WildBlue, and other satellite internet providers can have problems accessing databases, due to features meant to boost speeds (“web acceleration” or “turbo” settings.)

You may see an error message like “A system problem has occurred: To begin a new session, please login again.”
You may also “time out” quickly.

These steps disable the web accelerator feature, but they may change slightly from modem-to-modem or service-to-service.


To disable the “Turbo Page” feature in HughesNet’s system settings:

  • In your browser’s address bar (where you type in website addresses), type:
  • Next to a link titled “System Information” click the small “i” icon. This takes you to the Advanced Menu.
  • From here, click “Web Acceleration”.
  • Select Control
  • Then select Enable/Reset
  • Click Disable, then OK.
  • The Web Acceleration feature should now be disabled.

Restart your browser and try the Library again. This slows down access to all sites, so when finished, come back to this page and in the MBX Control area, click “Reset MBX” to restore Web Acceleration.

For Hughes HT1000 modems, follow these steps:

  1. Access Systems Control Center (should appear if you enter “” in your browser).
  2. Click on Web Acceleration to the left, under Advanced Menu.
  3. Then, click Control (also to the left, right under the Web Accelaration link).
  4. Click the box next to Disable Web Acceleration (so there is a checkmark in it), then click Submit.

For other modems:

  1. Type in your URL bar:
  2. Go to green system status button on left, click on it.
  3. If you are using a HNS9000 modem, go to the grey bar below the buttons, click the little man icon.
  4. Click on the tiny man icon at top of page.
  5. Click on Turbo Page
  6. Select Control
  7. Select Enable/Reset
  8. Select “Disable Turbo” on turbo commands page; do this every time you reboot your computer.

You may be using an optimizer that constantly deletes cookies/cache and cause you to timeout. Disable any such optimizer.

If this does not work or if you need further assistance with Turbo, please contact Hughes directly for additional troubleshooting assistance.

HughesNet Support 1-866-347-3292


For WildBlue customers, there are two possible features that should be turned off:

  1. Turn off the “optimizer” – click the following link for Wildblue customer service information and steps on disabling this feature:
  2. Turn off the “Web Accelerator” setting that is built into the modem. You must call Wildblue and have a customer service representative at Wildblue disable this option for you.

Wildblue customers cannot do it themselves.

Also, if there is a power outage or you have to reboot your modem, the Web Accelerator automatically comes back on and you will have to contact Wildblue customer service again.

If this does not resolve your login problem, or you have another internet service provider, please contact their technical support services for assistance.

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