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Director’s Office
Megan Lowe  Director
JaReyna Washington (Admin Coord 2)  Library Administration Office
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Cammie Henry Research Center
Vacant, Archivist
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Vacant, Assistant Archivist
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Yolanda Bobb, Head
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Michelle DeMattie, Night Library Facilities Manager
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Brent C. Thomas, Assistant Night Library Facilities Manager
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Reference and Library Instruction
Anna Tapia MacDonald, Head
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Government Information
Michael Matthews, Head
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Christine Dorribo
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Collection Development and Cataloging
Debbie Huntington, Head
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Linda Guin
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Serials and Media
Kerri Christopher, Head
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Terrie Sebren
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Sontonia Helaire
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InterLibrary Loan
Jackie Hawkins
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Shreveport Nursing Library
Sherri Voebel, Nursing Librarian
(318) 677-3013
Sandra Rufty
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Leesville Library
(337) 392-3127
Heather Ritter
(337) 392-3128

Prince Music Library
Diane Jones
(318) 357-5475

NSU Academic Department Library Liaisons

Education TBD
Biological & Physical Sciences/ Engineering Technology/ Mathematics
Michael Matthews
(318) 357-4419
Criminal Justice, History, Social Sciences TBD
Creative & Performing Arts/ New Media, Journalism & Communication Arts Debbie Huntington
(318) 357-6947

English, Foreign Language & Cultural Studies/ Louisiana Scholars College/ Psychology & Addiction Studies/ Social Work TBD
Accounting, Business, Computer & Information Systems Anna McDonald
(318) 357-4407
Health & Human Performance/ Military Science ROTC TBD
Nursing/ Allied Health Sherri Voebel
(318) 677-3013
Leesville Campus Heather Ritter
(337) 392-3126

The library accepts book requests from all patrons. Submit complete publication information for your recommendation by using our Book Request Form or by sending an email to If we acquire it, we’ll notify you by email.