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Our Mission Statement

The mission of the Northwestern State University Libraries is to provide the University community with access to information in its many formats and through its many delivery systems to support the teaching, learning, research and service functions of the University. It is the educational mission of the Libraries to support Information Literacy, teaching students, faculty, staff, and the larger community how to find and use information appropriately.  NSU Libraries serve the larger community as a regional information center and research facility, within the limits of the Libraries' resources and primary commitment to the university community.


NSU Watson Library Self Study Main Document

ADA Watson Report

Average Age of the Collection

Board of Regents Peer List

Budgets 2000- Current

Capa Self-Study

CGHRC Activities and Events

CGHRC Bibliographic and Instruction Classes 2003-2008

CGHRC Programs 2003-2008

CGHRC Outreach

CIP 2007-2008

CIP 2006-2007

Departmental Book Allocation

Distance Education Guidelines

Faculty Survey of LI Results

Faculty Survey Results Fall 2008

Faculty Survey Results 2008 Zoomerang

Grad Student Exit Survey 2004-2007

Graduating Senior Survey 2003-2007

Ill Statistics 2006-2007

Library 1030 Syllabus

Library Annual Report

Library Council Letter as sent

Library Faculty/Staff Resumes and Job Descriptions

Library Funding Analysis

Library Statistics

Library Survey Peer Institutions

LOUIS System Administrator Responsibilities

NCES Peer Group Rankings

Shreveport Nursing Library Assessment

Policies and Procedures Manual

Publications by the Head Archivist Using CGHRC Resources

Reading Room Activities

Self Study FACS Accreditation Report

Student Opinion Survey Chart 03-07

Student Survey of NSU Libraries Spring 2007

Student Survey NSU Libraries Fall 2008

Student Survey NSU 2008 Zoomerang

Student Tech-Fee Grant Application

TEN PM Closing Report

Libraries Organizational Chart 2008

Northwestern State University Organizational Chart 2006