HughesNet (also similar issue and fix with WildBlue satellite ISP)

Hughes' Turbo feature may interfere with database access. Below are instructions to disable this feature. Please note that instructions to disable Turbo may vary depending on modem type.  If these directions do not make sense, please contact Hughes for specialized assistance.

1. Make sure that you are online
2. Type in your URL bar:
3. Go to green system status button on left, click on it. If you are using a HNS9000 modem, go to the grey bar at the top third of the page below the buttons, find the little man icon, and then click on it.
4.  Click on the tiny man icon at top of page.
5.  Click on Turbo Page
6.  Select Control
7.  Then select Enable/Reset
8.  Select "Disable Turbo" on turbo commands page; do this every time you reboot your computer.
Also, for these or other wireless service, you may be using an optimizer which has the effect that it constantly deletes cookies/cache that can cause the users to timeout. Any such optimizer needs to be disabled.
Some patrons have been able to bypass the error by using a different browser such as Firefox or Chrome.
If this does not work or if you need further assistance with Turbo, please contact Hughes directly for additional troubleshooting assistance.

HughesNet Support  1-866-347-3292


Thanks to Kaplan University Library