Ghost Moving Collection

Scope and Content

    Items regarding the university- sponsored program to officially move Isabella, a ghost believed by some to live on the Campus of Northwestern State University of Louisiana.  Among the items are newspaper clippings, press releases, speeches and a background history.  According to the legend, Isabella was a young woman who lived sometime before the Civil War and was in love with a young man.  The young man was killed in duel of honor.  Shortly after, Isabella became a nun and moved into a convent inside Bullard Mansion, where she soon committed suicide.  Bullard Mansion was an actual residence and was located on what is today part of the NSU campus.  The ghost allegedly stayed in Bullard Mansion until its demolishment in 1904.  Complete with official ceremony, Isabella was moved again in 1926 due to the razing of the building, and in 1982 as the result of a fire. 


1 Copies of speeches and certificate from ceremony

2 Copies of newspaper clippings and photos of Caldwell Hall fire, an AP wire
wire report and an NSU news bureau article

OS One reel to reel promotional commercial
One NSU sweatshirt